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Freelance sound recordist with television, film and post-production experience



Sound rECORDIng​

Since graduating in Film Production from AUB in 2015, I have worked full time in London as a sound recordist/mixer for various broadcasters as well as on numerous commercial and corporate shoots. I am currently freelancing in both sound recording and post-production in a wide range of work; from television series to independent features to corporate promotions.

Although based in Bristol, I am happy to travel for work and have my own equipment.



Having become proficient with ProTools during my degree, I have undertaken numerous sound editing and design work as a freelancer. I have worked on a variety of short film and animation projects, creating and processing my own sound effects, foley and atmospheres. I've always had a keen interest in music, writing, experimenting and producing; I'm currently exploring modular synthesis, a very versatile tool for sound designers and musicians alike. 


Professional grade gear


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my CV

Sound Devices 633 Mixer/Recorder

DPA FMK-SC4071 x2

Sennheiser G3 ENG Kits x2 

Sennheiser MKH416

Ambient Quickpole

Sennheiser HD 25-1 II x2

Timecode Systems Ultrasyncs x2

Relevant cables, mounts and straps

ProTools 11

Yamaha HS8 Monitor Speakers x2

Izotope RX 6 Basic 


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